Free entry for all between 10 and midnight

Hola Tash Appreciators,

Good news across the board this week. 

Firstly, thanks to all those who have sponsored us for the Etape. The immediate response of lots of people last week was quite something. 

Secondly, regular readers may recall that several weeks ago the subject of Tash Friday was “equal opportunities” and included a true story about how Bamboo was refusing to grant free entry to those who were not women/dressed in attire which made them appear to be people of the female variety. 

This week I received the usual spam email from Bamboo telling me about their upcoming nights and, lo and behold, the advert for Friday night clearly states that “everyone” gets in for free before midnight – that’s both men and women alike. 

They must have seen from my steely expression, and gamma ray bursts of intellectual pyrotechnics, that I meant business and that it was in their best interests to capitulate, thereby saving themselves from being added to the growing list of those vanquished by Neal “tormentor of town, champion of the majority and all round world-beater” Anderson. 

I think that when people inevitably start writing songs and poems of my victory they should picture Gandalf (me in this scenario) laying the smackdown on the balrog (the bouncer) in Lord of the Rings but with me shouting “I shall pass…and for free!” You can see the similarities – my chat is magic, the bouncer was bigger than me, we both ended up in a hellish dungeon type place but, ultimately, I won the day. Picture this on West Regent Street:

So, lads, next time your heading to Bamboo and you’ve got a fiver in your hand to pay the cover charge, keep it; It’s on me… Or, even better, use it to sponsor us! JustGiving

Speaking of changing the world, this week’s Tash took action to prevent injustice too. The only difference is that he did it in a film and wore a green wet suit while doing it. Usually this lad wouldn’t get a look in for Tash Friday (his Tash is not the best) but as I’m bigging up street justice I thought I’d give it to him. I’m talking about Aaron Johnson – star of the excellent film Kick Ass along with Nowhere Boy (which was ok):

Have a great weekend folks!

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