First big weekend of the summer

Hola Tash Appreciators,

Change your clothes; change the records spinning in your homes, cars and iPods; move your dining room outside; and get the cidre sur la glacé – it’s officially summer!

Some of you may not be aware of this but Tash Friday is inundated with emails asking for advice in relation to important decisions in the lives of Appreciators. As one might ask for the advice of a financial boffin if one was thinking was making a financial decision, Tash Appreciators write in to ask how they can use opportunities to become more like the Tash toting paladins that grace these emails. 

One topic we regularly get asked about is in relation to lads who are thinking of changing cars. For example, Bruno Iksil from Paris wrote in this week saying:  

“I have a serious wad of cash in my pocket after being paid off by JP Morgan to keep my mouth shut about the wild derivatives I created – which lost the company $2 billion – and I’ve decided to treat myself to a new car. I’m set on a sporty convertible (I like my cars the same way I like my chicks – topless) but I’m worried I’ll look like a middle-aged burk if I buy one. Please help me, I haven’t thought this hard since I tried and failed to pursue my risky macro hedging strategy.”

A serious problem and one which has become all the more pertinent during this heat wave. Tash Friday’s considered response was as follows:


We see your problem – it’s hard for mature chaps to pull off a convertible; but in this weather it’s an attractive way to go. 

The best way to give advice in this instance is to play a game of spot the difference. 

Do you want to be this guy:

Or this guy:

What is one chap rocking but the other guy isn’t? We’ll give you a clue, it ain’t a Hawaiian shirt – only one man can pull that off.

We trust that answers your query and points you in the right direction for what you need to do if you want to pull off the car of your dreams.”

I hope that’s helpful advice for the rest of you and please think about this when you see a convertible being driving by a wannabe Selleck over the next few days. 

Have a bloody marvellous weekend folks!

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