Hello Tash Appreciators,

This week’s TF was all set up to be about the moment on 12 October 1492, 520 years ago today, when Christopher Columbus “discovered” the New World. 

It was going to be great. It was going to include interesting facts about how Columbus thought he’d found an alternate route to India (what a silly billy); about how the Conquistadors that followed got up to tonnes of bad stuff in South America; and that the word Conquistador (a fantastic word) derives from the word Reconquista, which was the name of the long-running war between the Christian Kings of Spain and Portugal and the conquering Muslim armies over the Iberian Peninsula . By coincidence, that war also ended in 1492. 

But after the response to last week’s TF, you’re not getting any of that. There were taunts of TF being too serious; accusations that it had forgotten its roots; and questions regarding whether TF had been taken over by the Reds/Ruskies. 

TF is a real democracy – not a democratic socialist republic! – and to that end we’re going auld-school this week. TF was originally a way of bringing men and women together in a common appreciation of the moustache and this week’s Tash is a chap who’s admired by both sexes.

He’s a real hero; a real human being. Whether he’s playing Noah (not that one, apparently) and restoring a 200 year old house for his up-town girl; or playing a bad-ass getaway driver/killer; or even in his excellent band, he’s one “kool kat”.
Ladies know him as looking this:
This will be familiar to the lads:

But as far as TF is concerned, this is the only incarnation that matters:

Ryan Gosling – what a guy!
Tell your friends that Tash Friday can cover all the bases and, to use the modern vernacular, has #stillgotit. 
Have a fantastic weekend folks!

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