The best small country in the world

Morning Tash Appreciators,

First on this week’s short agenda is a big “THANK YOU!” to those who sponsored the Etape Caledonia riders last weekend. On the ride itself, records (and bikes) were smashed to pieces and a thoroughly enjoyable – but painful – few hours was spent by all while clattering round the country roads of rural Perthshire. 
Next, I have some bad news and some good news.
In the bad news, it appears that Nigel Farage (the poster boy of closet racists across the country) once attempted to pull off a Tash:

The good news is two-fold: Firstly, Mr Farage has realised that he can’t quite manage to pull off the Tash and has resorted to look which, in TF’s view, is much more fitting for a man of his stature:

The second piece of good news is that Mr Farage visited Edinburgh this week and was given a welcome which must make the Scottish Tash Appreciators amongst us exceptionally proud. According to The Guardian, he was forced to leave a pub on the Royal Mile to chants of, amongst other things, “Nigel, you’re a bawbag, Nigel you’re a bawbag, na, na, na, hey!” It looked like this:

Sometimes, and quite often when it comes to politics, this wee country of ours just gets it absolutely, positively, spot on. Haste ye back, Mr Farage, we dare you.
Nigel Farage cannot be this week’s Tash so here’s something more appropriate: a man standing outside Hampden, rocking a Tash, while wearing Irn Bru sunglasses and a saltire shirt:

Have a great weekend folks.
Keep going!
p.s. This week’s TF is in no way to be construed as being related to the independence debate.

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