TF goes “social”

Morning Tash Appreciators,

Over the last few weeks, a couple of pals of mine have started using social networking as a tool to enhane their professional profile. Many businesses do this is a part of a cringe-worthy attempt to appeal to the “youth” but while these boys see a sound business reason to get involved they’re actually doing it because they want to be involved in conversations about things which interest them. Some of what they’ve been up to is pretty interesting. I only say “some” because I’m sick of hearing about all of the places where their blogs have been read (although the Guatemalan example was reasonably cool).

I’ve been conflicted about whether to get involved in my own way. Social networking in a professional capacity doesn’t hold much interest for me as I’ve got nothing credible to say.  Also, I don’t want to become one of those incredibly irritating, self-aggrandising type people who use facebook/twitter to post “selfies” (see below); pictures of what they had for dinner; and banal comments about there being snow/sun/rain. Example:


(this is why people don’t like Justin Beiber)

However, folk seem to occasionally get some encouragement or a laugh out of TF. So, in keeping with the spirit of Tash Appreciation, I’m going to have a bash. From next week (technology permitting) TF will have a greater online presence. Hopefully it’ll find it’s way to a few more Appreciators of the Tash.

To allay any fears about what this might involve, TF solemnly swears that the content will not fall into the same category as the garbage listed/pictured above. I’m hoping that maintaining a thin veil of anonymity will assist with that. In fact, there may not be any content. I may find that I never have anything interesting to say. However, let’s give it a go. 

So, after all that, to the Tashes.

I was doing a bit of research into what kind of presence the Tash already has online. It turns out, there’s tonnes out there. There are just a couple of examples I wanted to share. I daresay that among the readership of TF there are few single lads and ladies. If that’s the case, could I perhaps point you towards According to the website, it’s a “100% free social networking & online dating site specifically for singles with a passion for the Stache. Style is a difficult thing to pin down, but there is no doubt among Stache Passions members that there is nothing finer than a good stache.” An example of their advertising:

Finally, for this week, is the high water mark for Tash related websites: Its got everything from a history of the American Tash to a campaign seeking tax equity for people of facial hair. There’s also a Tash Open golf tournament in September this year – you won’t want to miss that! After all…

Have a great weekend folks!

Keep going.

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