Good morning Kirsten,

It’s your Dad, again – here to mark your second birthday: happy birthday!

As I think might become a tradition in these posts, this was you a year ago today:

And this was you a few days ago – climbing, no less!

Tea out at Silverburn

What’s been happening?

… Loads, is the answer.

You still go to nursery three days a week (spending the other two weekdays with Mum); you still go swimming and to music classes, etc.; you still see your grandparents and Uncle Mark most weeks; you still love reading books; and we get out and about together every weekend.

We’ve also been able to get out and about more, this year. We’ve been on three holidays:

We went to St Andrews for a few days over Easter:

The cottage in St Andrews
‘Go karting’ near St Andrews

We were in the South of France a couple of weeks ago for John and Paloma’s wedding:

At the wedding with Uncles Dave and Jambo

And, of course, we spent three weeks in California with most of the family for a wedding of our own:

At the wedding, obviously…

Tea in Mission (Kirsten unimpressed by Uncle Mark’s plea…)
Walking over the Golden Gate Bridge (further than it looks…)
A few minutes to enjoy the view
Favourite photo ever? Fun at Moonstone Beach
Last night before we headed in different directions

Cable car in SF

It’s been a busy year.

How have you been?

… Incredible, is the answer.

The pace at which you change remains unreal!

This time last year, you were still a baby. Since then, you’ve become a fully-fledged wee person:

  • You can walk, run, jump and hide;
  • You can talk;
  • You have friends (Josh and Sadie from nursery, in particular);
  • You can play with and pat the cats;
  • You can (and frequently do) ask for cuddles;
  • You insist on putting hair clips on Bertie the Bear and Tombliboo (I’m still not quite sure what they are);
  • You sometimes throw almighty tantrums; and
  • The thing I enjoy to do most with you: you dance and SING!

You have a brilliant sense of humour; you’re mischievous; you’re affectionate; you’re observant; and you’re bright.

One of the particular highlights of my week is currently our Sunday morning routine. We usually have a bit more time on our hands and we spend it playing “slamming tunes” (I can sense your mother eye-rolling, even now) and dancing, while we eat breakfast.

A favourite track of yours is “Tate” by Fred Again. We were having breakfast this morning (a Sunday, so the tunes were slamming) and you demanded that I put on “broskis” – you’ll understand why you call it that, if you listen to the track (I try to turn down the bad language at the beginning…):

Thoughts for the year and What’s Next?

Do me a favour please, Kirsten, and hit ‘play’ before reading on:

[Who knows whether in 20 years Youtube will still be a ‘thing’ so let me also tell you that it’s “Photograph” by Arcade Fire, from the soundtrack of an excellent film called ‘Her’.]

For me, this feels like our last year.

  • It’s called “Photograph” because, in the film, it’s used in lieu of a photo to capture a moment in two people’s lives together (we’re lucky in that we have plenty of photos).
  • There’s a definite rhythm to it, but with changes of pace and key.
  • The track is also instrumental, which sort of reflects that we’re not quite at the stage where we can speak properly with each other.
  • Importantly, I think it’s hopeful…

Speaking of which, you’ll hopefully have a sense from everything explained above that your second year has been brilliant – there’s nothing that I would have done differently.

As for ‘what’s next?’ (the eternal question), we’re thinking hard about the future: there are decisions to be made about where we’re going to live; where you might go to school, etc. By the time you read this, you’ll have an opinion as to whether we made the right decisions. All I’ll say is this: you can rest assured that we’re trying our best for you. We may not get everything right, but that won’t be for lack of effort.

I’ll leave you, for now, with two things:

First: some photos of you with your loved ones this year:

Walking down the aisle with Uncle Mark

Brunch with Grandpa

Second: a ‘Tash’. There aren’t (currently) any photos of me keeping an eye on you as you play / dance / do any of the other things that keeps you busy, but I imagine the expression on my face is similar to this (Joaquin Phoenix, ‘Her’) – he’s mesmerised.

Until next year, Kirsten.


Your Dad

P.s. If you read / look at photos at the same pace as me, “Photograph” will just be ending. Please don’t tell me if that didn’t work: I spent more time than was reasonable playing around with it.

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