If you offered me a scotch and plain water, I could drink a scotch and plain water – Lt Archie Hicox

Como estas Tash Appreciators!

I was talking about Tashes with Mr A last weekend, as I seem to do all the time these days, and he was pointing me in the direction of some world class examples from the seventies. 

I’ve decided to save those for another time because, as he was pointing me in the direction of rock ‘n’ rollers of the highest pedigree, I got to thinking about whether the age of apparently superhuman rockstars and movie stars has been ruined by the advent of tabloids and the internet; both of which have served to let us see behind the curtain and have shown that these people are mere mortals after all. 

I also got to thinking about past Tash Fridays and realised that the vast majority of them were at least 10 years old. The most recent modern one was a burd for god’s sake! 

So, this week, I intend to remedy the fact that modern Tash-toting gents have been somewhat neglected of late. 

This week’s Tash is a movie star for the modern age. One minute he’s wearing a daft helmet and pulling submarines out of the sea with his mind; the next he’s playing Karl Jung; and then, soon after, he plays a guy addicted to picking to chicks up on the subway and generally ladding around to the point where it becomes an illness. I should also add that it’s probably fair to say that prior to “Shame” – where he gets it oot at every opportunity – his audience was primarily blokes who thought he was just downright cool. However, the ladies have now discovered him, and his Irish accent, and it seems certain he’ll become even more of a star than he currently is. 

Of course I’m talking about Michael Fassbender: a man who has rocked the Tash on several occasions and takes great care in keeping it tidy:
What the hell, I know some people mainly like the pictures, so here’s another one:

What a hero!
Have a bloody marvellous weekend folks and remember to get your respective mothers something nice for Sunday!

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