When Tashes go bad…

Hola Tash Appreciators,

Welcome to spring!

I think this is the first time that Tash Friday has taken place when the weather was vaguely encouraging. To that end, we will dispense with the regular attempt to raise the spirits of Tash Appreciators and will just concentrate on the Tash itself. 

The news that’s been grabbing the headlines this week (other than the exploits of some Bullingdon educated toff – who claims to be a man of the people – suggesting that he’s helping the squeezed middle) is that S Club 7 are re-forming. Yes, those of us who haven’t stopped and haven’t given up have had our prayers answered and they’re bringing it back to us!

When I read about this in the ever-accurate and always well-informed Daily Mail my honest reaction was that this was a terrible idea. Jo, Hannah, Tina, Rachel, John, Bradley and Paul have had their day. It was glorious, to be sure, but it’s gone. Leave it alone and don’t ruin the memories. 

It’s not just pop music reunions that can ruin something glorious; people can also bring the Tash into disrepute by either not being man enough to carry it off or just abusing it in a vain attempt to pick up chicks. 

Tash Friday usually points towards the Tash as being the ultimate in “dudery” but it’s not for everyone. Only the bestest of lads and the ultimate blokes can carry it off to its fullest extent. So this week I’ll demonstrate how the Tash can go wrong; badly wrong. 

For example, check out the Hoff in this picture: it might work for his adoring Germanic public but for everyone else this is shocking. David, if you’d stuck to running around Malibu you’d have been fine but this is diabolical. 

This next one is my personal favourite. I know that the ladies love the Tash (and you have to admire the guy for his guts as I can appreciate the sentiment) but tattooing that on your upper lip was one of the top 5 worst ideas of all time! It’s up there with Appeasement and Craig Allan’s taste in ties. 

Have a fantastic weekend folks!

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