This stapler isn’t weighty enough…

Guten tag Tash Appreciators!

Tash Friday’s legal team made its first official appearance in the courts in Edinburgh. Suffice to say, victory was swift. 

The word on the street is that the judges’ scorecards included comments like “the nimbleness of his arguments and the way he tailored his approach to the alternating position of his adversary demonstrated effortless elasticity”; “The viscosity of his averments was so overwhelming that I felt powerless to resist”; and “his oration was delivered with such bombasticity that I couldn’t care less what he was saying – he had my vote from the moment he spoke.” (Timmons and Milne, the requisite words were all used in one sentence. Feel free to pay up at Indeed, the assembled media took the following photograph of the bench:
To those naysayers who doubt that account of events, you are quite correct. What actually happened was a severe case of dry-mouth and muttering which was only successful as the sheriff didn’t like the person on the other side.

Now I’ve got my bets out the way, I’ll leave you with something that’s been on my mind this week. I was sent a link to a version of Bon Iver’s performance at Coachella and it was a dynamite but what’s stuck with me is that it’s the simple details in it that made it great. 

It’s tough to capture the sound of live music in all its glory but this video managed it and, according to my itunes, I’ve listened to it 12 times since Sunday. I think it’s the way the drums sound and the occasional use of a sax; they’re just spot on. I heard it for the first time on Saturday and since then I’ve noticed that there are loads of fairly insignificant things that I actually really appreciate. So far I’ve noticed: good earphones, posters, finding interesting things to read, a stapler with a bit of weight to it, dogs…I could go on. I’ve noticed at least half a dozen things each day this week. 

What I’m saying is, it’s not just the devil that’s in the detail; that’s often where the perfect bits are too. Life’s better when you enjoy the everyday details that add a bit of colour but which you don’t necessarily pay attention to. 

So, to the Tash. This one requires you to look carefully but it made me smile when I noticed it:
Yes, Obama rocks a Tash every now and again. As I said, it’s all in the detail
Anyway, take it easy folks and have a great weekend. 

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