Superhuman effort isn’t worth a damn unless. . .

Greetings Tash Appreciators!

Almost exactly one hundred years ago, a ship was launched from Sandefjord, Norway, which was designed to carry intrepid explorers to the wastes of the far south. Her commander was to be Sir Ernest Shackleton and he was planning to march across that most desolate of continents – Antarctica. 

The expedition began in 1914 but ultimately there was very little marching or exploring and a great deal of struggling for survival. The ship became trapped in sea ice and, when the pressure of the ice began to break up the hull, Shackleton was forced to abandon ship.  
The name of the ship was particularly apt – Endurance. Not only was it apt because it was exactly what was required by her crew, it’s also relevant to Shackleton’s thoughts on whether endurance and effort are enough when one sets about achieving a goal. 

Shackleton and a handful of the strongest members of the crew eventually had to leave the rest of the men on an island while they went in search of help. They were successful and upon their return a chap called Worsley, the man left to command the remaining men, greeted Shackleton with a firm handshake and the words “you have worked superhumanly to look after to us.” That seems like a fair statement because he looked like this (I’m sure there’s a Tash in there somewhere, albeit not a terribly neat one):

Shackleton’s response was: “superhuman effort isn’t worth a damn if it doesn’t achieve results.” 

In forty eight hours, four of us will be waiting at the start line with 80-odd miles of hard graft ahead of us. To make matters worse, the weather is set to be dire. 

We’re not crossing a continent of ice or saving the lives of dozens of men; it won’t take a superhuman effort to finish the race. However, the considerable effort that has already been put into our training; the work on the day; and the kind donations of Tash Appreciators the world over will be for nought if we don’t break or exceed or target of £1,000. 

I understand we passed the target a couple of days ago but I think we can raise more. After all, since when did Tash Friday accept simply meeting expectations. 

If anyone is still wanting to throw a couple of quid Marie Curie’s way, here’s the place to go: JustGiving.
All the support we have been given has been enough motivation to get us to this point. But if, at any stage, we think we can’t go any further, I suggest that we think about what He, our hero and overlord of all Tash Appreciators, would do…
He’d get the job done.

Have a fantastic weekend folks, think of us at 7.16 on Sunday when we’ll be rolling out of Pitlochry. 

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