Leaving on a jet-plane

Howdy Tash Appreciators,

This will be an end-of-season edition of TF before I leave these persistently rain soaked shores for a star-spangled super-dream of sky-scrapers, winding roads and sparkling blue sea. 

Speaking of super-dreams, I have to mention the events on the Champs-Élysées last Sunday. I think this sums them up:

End of season specials are usually used to reach the conclusion of that year’s story while also leaving audiences with an assurance that there is more to come. 
The conclusion of the first season of TF is that, following months of claiming that life is too short and that what can be done today should not be put off until tomorrow, this Tash Appreciator has taken his own advice and, for a couple of weeks, is heading west – to the Californian coast:
There are dozens of things I could write about California, but I think Robert Plant summed it up when he sang about California being a place where you could stand on a hill but still be surrounded by mountains of dreams. I can’t think of anywhere I would rather go to to chill out, enjoy summer for a while (get dragged round dozens of shops in various cities) and plan TF’s next assault on the Friday mornings of like-minded Tash aficionados the world over. 
If Robert Plant best summed up what being in California is like, he looked and played the part well too. Led Zeppelin would fly into LAX in their Starship and they looked every inch the rockstars they were. Naturally, Mr Plant has rocked a Tash (and goatee) for about forty years:
See y’all in a few weeks.

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