Wax on, wax off

Hello Tash Appreciators!

Tash Friday is back. 

It’s been about a month since the last installment and what a month it’s been. 

The subject of Tash Friday this week is the “inspire a generation” tag- line of the Olympics. Like everything about the Olympics, it could have been a let-down but they really stuck to it and made it work. This was a highlight:
Wouldn’t it be great if we took that approach all the time? We always hear politicians banging on about investing in young people but what do they really do about it? This summer, the standard of A-level and GCSE results dropped for the first time in 20+ years. The reasoning why this happened is understandable (maybe) but, in times when it’s never been worse to be a school leaver (uni costs a fortune for many people, no jobs, no apprenticeships etc), is this really a good time to make it harder to put good grades on a CV or tell young people that they’re the least bright group for 20 years? 

Before the Olympics, we pointed to the X-factor, reality tv and celebrities for inspiration. We had no problem telling young people they could be a “star” but did we spend any time telling them that they were good at maths or that what they had to say was interesting? 

It’s not just up to parents either, they’re expected to encourage their kids. But a genuine word of encouragement, from someone who doesn’t have to say anything at all, can make a big difference. You’re all successful people and I bet that you can all remember someone giving you encouragement. It tends to stick in the memory, doesn’t it.

To go back to the Olympics, the teenagers who lit the flame were there because a successful athlete nominated them. But even if you can’t inspire someone by arranging for them to light the Olympic flame, you can still do your bit. It’s all about taking the opportunity to make a difference when you can.

This week’s Tash did his bit. If he hadn’t stepped in, the lad he helped out would just be known as “the kid”. Instead, he became the Karate Kid. Now, whether it was the Tash; the expertise in karate; or the fact that he could catch a fly with chopsticks that made Mr Miyagi inspirational, it doesn’t matter. He had an effect:

Have a cracking weekend folks! Next week, if the opportunity arises, take the time to try and inspire someone in the next generation. 

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