Tomorrow Never Knows pt 2

Hola Tash Appreciators,

After the downbeat edition last week, this week’s incandescent Tash Friday is set to blaze a trail into yet another weekend. 

If the last week of August marks the end of some journeys, the beginning of September marks the beginning of others. Journeys in Scotland – particularly when they are attempted using public transport – can be uncomfortable, unpleasant and expensive but, every now and then, you get a pleasant surprise.  

If you wander through Hillhead subway station these days, you’ll see that the old brown and orange is disappearing and a sort of space age station is emerging from the dark. The best part of the new look is the addition of this:

It’s adapted from Canadian poet Dennis Leigh’s “work as if you live in the early days of a better nation” and, if you ignore the fact that you might see a similar sign at the entrances of North Korean sweat shops, it’s not bad.   

However, without intending any disrespect to Mr Leigh, it can be improved. What if, instead of “work as if…”, it was “work so that you live in the early days of a better nation”?

There has been talk all summer about marginal gains in sport having a cumulative and positive effect on the quality of outcomes. If we all worked towards something which led to a marginal (or not so marginal) gain in our lives and the lives of those around us, would we not improve ourselves and our surroundings? Would that not be the beginning of a better nation? Is it that easy? 

How you make that marginal gain is entirely up to you. You might save a life; take your granny out for lunch; or write daft emails about lads with moustaches… Arguably, it all counts. 

Last week’s TF said that tomorrow never knows and neither do we. That’s true but that’s the beauty of it: the future is not set in stone; it’s entirely up to us to decide whether we work and live in a better world/nation/city. 

An excellent example of a marginal gain is the humble Tash. It’s only a small detail but it can make all the difference:



You dig?
Have an outstanding weekend folks!

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