Tomorrow Never Knows pt 1

Morning Tash Appreciators,

The end of August tends to be the time when training contracts of various types end and people become fully qualified in whatever field they’re in. Today, it’s our turn. After seven years, we can legitimately say:

Maybe I’ll use that line when arguing with Scotfail about why they won’t let me use my under-25 card to buy a season ticket and whether they are, in fact, useless. 

It’s a kind of strange day because for some of us nothing will change next week other than there’ll be fewer of us. As much as I have protested otherwise, that’s not a change for the better. 

I’ve been working on this TF for a couple of weeks and I thought I had it sorted.  But then the other day, when leaving cards started hitting my desk and I was left wondering what to write, I realised that what I had prepared was of no practical use and wasn’t right.

The aim this week is therefore not to provide hope – there should be enough of that already – but to provide facts. 

Tash Friday, or Heidi Friday as it was then, started as just a funny thing to do to celebrate the end of the week. But when people started to get something out of it, the odd TF would be directed at individuals. Even if they weren’t named, they knew it was for them. As a result, I’ve kept an eye out for folk who are having a tough time, watched how they’ve got on, and if I had something to say which I thought might be helpful, then I’d say it. As I said last week, a bit of encouragement can go a long way.

Among us Tash Appreciators, many have gone through periods of not having jobs; or not having the right job; or not being happy; or suffering some kind of loss. Unfortunately, this week’s first fact, and it’s not an original observation, is that life’s a bitch. 
But what’s also true is that every single one of those same people (that’s 100%; all of them) moved on, moved up and didn’t look back. That’s the type of folk I like to hang out with – Tash Friday don’t run with chumps. I have absolute faith that this pattern will continue and that those who haven’t yet got something lined up, soon will.
The other certainty is that you can’t predict what’s coming next. Tomorrow never knows and neither do we. All you can do is turn off your mind, relax, and float down stream until the next opportunity presents itself. Of course, you’re more likely to see it if you’re keeping an eye out. 
So, that brings us to this week’s Tashes. Both are crass, crude, rude, obnoxious and generally unpleasant to be around. However, over the last few weeks and months they’ve turned out to be class acts. 
It’s been a pleasure chaps. It really has. 

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