That’s the way it is – Cronkite

Namaste Tash Appreciators,

Thank the Lord, the new iPhone is here! 

The Daily Mail’s headline for the new iPhone read: “simply the best smartphone ever made”. The review that followed was a drooling mess of hyperbole that read like the Facebook status of a parent announcing the birth of their first child…and the child emerged reciting Shakespeare. 

The Guardian was no better: “it seems to float in the hand”; “swiping feels like touching the very pixels.” Utter rubbish. The phone quite clearly doesn’t “float in the hand” and if, it appears to do so, you should ask yourself if you’ve had one too many lemonades/lines of coke.

Please do not think this is part of the now popular trend of knocking folk who like Apple. This Tash Appreciator has a MacBook, iPhone and iPad. The issue is the standard of journalism. Why can’t papers be objective and just give us the facts? Whether it’s national elections or phone reviews, they all have an agenda. 

Journalism is a hot topic these days, with the word on the street being that the Leveson Report will be too critical to be politically acceptable and issues about privacy ironically dominating headlines.

This is all unnecessary. Running a paper is simple – tell the readers the truth; be objective; respect people’s privacy unless what they are doing is illegal, or contrary to the image they present to the public; and allow fair notice to those you are seeking to expose in order that they can present their side of the story. Easy. 

I wonder what “the most trusted man in America” would say about the state of journalism today. He informed the American public about the news from 1937 – 1980, which is pretty much when everything happened. He covered the Second World War, Vietnam, Watergate, the moon landings, the Kennedy assassination etc etc. This man was the late Walter Cronkite: 
Note that the most trustworthy man in America had a Tash.  
That’s it for this week’s Tash Friday. Stay classy Tash Appreciators. 

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