Whatever’s comfortable

Hello Tash Appreciators,

And just like that:


It’s 2013. Happy New Year! 

As promised, TF has returned in what I hope will be lucky 2013 with incandescent optimism and enthusiasm. 

January, particularly the beginning of it, can be a fairly miserable time. We go from the presents, nights out and good-times of December to the reality of winter, damaged livers and a bit more weight than we’d like. However, a New Year’s resolution will give you a target at which to aim and encourage you to start the year as you mean to go on. Also, whether it’s throwing yourself into some new hobby, or learning a new language or even sitting down with that book you always wanted to read, a target for the New Year will take your mind off the short, cold, January days.

TF isn’t here to tell you that your target should involve aiming to be a certain weight or doing something to “better” yourself this year. However, it is here to suggest that your target should be something to look forward to. 

Emulating this week’s Tash is my target for this year:

Now, I’m not suggesting that I want to be a rather large, sunburnt chap in speedos (I’ve been there and done that) but the big man does have style. 

Maybe I’ve watched too much Mad Men, but when I see this advert I see a bloke entirely content in his own skin. He also looks like he’s on holiday (when else would one stroll down a beach with a glass of SoCo in hand?) which is always good. He’s not distracted by the things going around him – such as the bevy of beach beauties lying on the beach – and appears to be happy to just swagger along the beach. Of course, his credentials are completed by his outstanding Tash. 

All of that sounds pretty good to me, so that’s what I’m going to do this year: go on holiday; drink in moderation (with the exception of an (un)civilised tipple at 5.19 on a Friday); chill out; and not give a f…arthing about what anyone thinks of my swimwear. A bit like this chap:

(I know I use him too much. Sue me.)

Keep going!

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