Right! Let’s dig out your best booze and talk about me ’till the car comes!

Hola Tash Appreciators, 

It may be cold outside but, just like “grime” artist Wiley, when TF arrives it causes a heatwave. 

A lot has been going on this week: we’ve had Lance Armstrong’s interview with Oprah; a helicopter crashing in London; hostages being taken in Algeria and BLIZZARDS!!! (to use the Daily Mail’s emphasis). 
One thing that hasn’t received much coverage is the admission from David Cameron that Yes, Prime Minister (the 80s TV comedy where a hapless PM is bamboozled into inactivity by a much smarter Civil Servant) is “true to life” (http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2012/apr/12/david-cameron-yes-minister-true). It doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in Mr Cameron, does it! 
It got me thinking though. If Yes, Prime Minister is accurate, I wonder if The Thick Of It (today’s equivalent of Yes, Prime Minister) is also true to life. In The Thick Of It, various Ministers are battered into submission by a crazed yet incredibly funny Glaswegian who bombards everyone in sight with an unrelenting stream of abuse. He goes by the name of Malcolm Tucker and this picture pretty much sums up his attitude to everyone he encounters:
I truly hope that it is accurate, as the thought of Mr Cameron being brow-beaten by an angry Glaswegian seems very fitting. I only wish that I could quote some of his lines here but, if I did, email filters around the world would explode and you would all be in breach of your respective employers’ IT Policies. I can’t recommend the show too highly. 
Anyway, on to this week’s Tash. 
I haven’t chosen him for any particular reason other than because he’s absolutely fantastic. However, I’ll crow-bar a connection in by pointing out that he also comes from a BBC comedy. Malcolm and this week’s Tash alone are worth the license fee.
This week’s Tash is flash by name and flash by nature; instead of worshipping god, god worships him; he doesn’t wear underwear because pants haven’t been built that could take the job on; he likes his ladies firm and fruity; he keeps canoes in his pocket…”down boy, down!”; and he makes saying “woof” sound alluring. He is, of course, Lord Flashheart from Blackadder:
He just wouldn’t be as funny without the Tash. 
Have a great weekend folks!
Keep going!

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