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Guten tag Tash Appreciators,

The last few weeks have been a little “heavy” (i.e. boring) so, this week, TF is going to keep it simple with some good old fashioned Tash related fun. 

I was watching the champions league this week (confirmation, if it was needed, that the premier league is not the greatest league in the world) and it reminded me of, firstly, a superb German football related Tash and then, secondly, that football is a rich source of Tash related material. 

Obviously, there can only be one starting point; Rudi Völler

Interestingly, in this week of footballers behaving badly (again), Herr Völler was also a party to a bit of rather poor behaviour. What makes this even more shocking is that the perpetrator, Frank Rijkaard, was also rocking a Tash at the time:

Many of the better footballing Tashes seem to have come from Liverpool players in the seventies who, I assume, chose to wear one in an effort to look even more menacing than they already were. From my in-depth research into the subject, Tommy Smith looks the most likely to break some knee-caps:

Unfortunately, footballers these days seem to be more concerned with their hair than looking like they could/would break your legs if you dared to even attempt to score. There are one or two kicking about (pun intended) but perhaps Michael Ballack’s strangely forlorn attempt is the reason why the fashionistas of the current footballing generation have left the Tash behind:

Have a great weekend folks!

Keep going!

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