How to get a blockbuster

Good morning Tash Appreciators,

Can it really be May already? 

One way of telling that spring is well and truly here, and that summer is on it’s way, is to look at the movie and music charts. It’s around this time of year that the big tracks of the summer (I understand that these may be referred to as “choons” by the hipsters) start getting airplay and the summer blockbusters start getting released. 

For once, neither David Guetta or Calvin Harris have made an appearance and the charts are being dominated by the latest Daft Punk (with some help from Pharrell) track – “Get Lucky”. It’s pretty catchy. 

Interestingly from TF’s perspective, when Pharrell started promoting the track he was rocking a Tash:

I can’t say at this stage that the Tash is the reason for the track’s success but, if a pattern emerged, then it surely must be considered whether a Tash is a sure-fire way to get a hit. 

That brings me onto the latest summer blockbuster to hit the silver screen. It’s also been greeted with critical acclaim from almost all sides and is sure to be a big hit. Coincidentally (or perhaps not coincidentally), the leading man looks like this:

Go figure, another guy rocking a Tash (with a little bit extra)! It seems like there may be something to the argument, which will henceforth be made by TF, that a Tash = success. 

Have a great weekend folks!

Keep going!

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