Can’t Hold Us

Morning Tash Appreciators,

The subject of TF from a few weeks ago has been on my mind. The future starting slow can be a pain in the neck for all of us – waiting just isn’t fun. So, this week, I’ve got a few examples of people for whom the wait was worthwhile.

First up, for the hipsters, a rapper who seemed to emerge from nowhere with a track about fly second-hand clothes:

Tash Friday 13:9:13
Macklemore, complete with Tash – a man with style.

For most of us, the first time we came across this chap was with his track “Thrift Shop“. Personally, though, I preferred his second single, “Can’t Hold Us”. From a TF perspective, this is a much better song. It’s about raising yourself up and generally not taking no for an answer.

Perhaps surprisingly, “Can’t Hold Us” was first released in August 2011. It was only after the monster success of “Thrift Shop” that Macklemore spent big bucks on a good video to accompany the track and effectively re-released it. As of July this year, over three million copies of “Can’t Hold Us” have been bought in the US alone. He’s also playing in Glasgow tonight, if any Appreciators happen to be in that part of the world.

Looking back in history, there are numerous examples of people who have had to wait half a lifetime or more before getting where they wanted to be.

Benjamin Franklin didn’t sign the Declaration of Independence until he was 70, making him the oldest signatory:

Tash Friday 13:9:13 2
Ray Kroc was in his fifties when he started to think about turning his family owned business into a franchise which now serves 68 million people every day – McDonald’s:

Susan Boyle didn’t hit the big time until she was 48:

Tash Friday 13:9:13 4
And, this week’s Tash didn’t become President of South Africa until he was 76:

Tash Friday 13:9:13 5
If we think the future starts slow for us, imagine what it must have been like to spend 26 years waiting in prison. I think sometimes we can be too impatient. Sometimes, but by no means all the time, we should sit back and prepare ourselves for the moment when the right chance comes along; at which point, we’re ready to grab it with both hands.

Have a great weekend folks!#keepgoing

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